Use Cases

Digital Marketers

The Puzzle Widget will help you drive user engagement by increasing time spent on the page, decreasing bounce rate, and improving SEO.

Focus on helping newcomers leverage your product and onboard faster while preparing your leads for sales.

When you use the Puzzle Widget, you empower marketers to synthesize their story and engage users.

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Product Experts

The Puzzle Widget will help you explain your product's essential ideas quickly.

Our widget empowers your support teams to eliminate any customer confusion quickly and with confidence.

Use our Puzzle Widget to tell customers what matters to you, your community, and/or your team.

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Business Development Reps

If you need to get people interested in your product, the Puzzle Widget will help them to learn about it faster.

You can install the widget on your website and help people learn about related concepts, definitions, and specific topics faster.

When you install the Puzzle Widget on your page, you immediately help people understand your concepts and find related content.

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