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Bring clarity to your product with an intelligent glossary.

What We Do

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Products keep getting more complex, people don't. To keep your customers happy and grow faster, you need to make it easier for everyone to understand your product and the terminology around it.

With just a few clicks, you can turn your existing content into a dynamic glossary that provides clear and concise definitions of key terms and concepts. Our widget can be embedded into your blog or documentation to highlight, define, and link to relevant content.

At Puzzle Labs, we believe that understanding complex information should be easy and enjoyable. We're building all the tools you need around your glossary. This helps you create the best customer education experience possible.

Help your customers learn from you and not from a search engine.

Define What Matters

AI-powered glossary

Customer onboarding and education has never been easier. Connect your documents and blog posts to your concepts in three easy steps.

Import Your Content.
WordPress, Medium, HTML, markdown, + more supported.
Create Intelligent Glossary.
Select the concepts that best define your product. Take control over the words that matter most to your business and your customers.
Publish the Puzzle Widget.
Simply copy and paste the code snippet onto your website. The Puzzle Widget automatically updates when you add more concepts.
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